Our Business

Pharmaceutical Business

Pharmaceutical Business 医薬品事業

•Since 1965, we have been providing pharmaceuticals for medical ophthalmology.
• We are engaged in the generic drug business.
• Our original pharmaceutical production; PF eye drops are ensuring a high-quality and stable supply.
• We also conduct the medical diagnostic drug business.

Contact Lens Business

Contact Lens Business コンタクトレンズ事業

• We have been conducting the contact lens sales business since April 2021.
• Production is carried out at overseas partner factories.

Medical Device Business

Medical Device Business 医療機器事業

• We have been conducting the medical device sales business since January 2021.
• We sell original development products.
• We sell imported products from overseas.

Alliance Business

Alliance Business 業務提携

• By partnering with other companies, exporting, and consigning sales, we leverage
each other's strengths to supply quality products to the medical field.